January Wedding

Hey There, 

Today on the blog is Marc & Nicole's Winter Wedding. It was the first of 2017! I had my partner in crime; Warin Marie Photography by my side, ready to go! We were also absolutely spoiled with the weather that day! The rain had cleared up, and the sun began to shine. The mix of overcast and soft, winter sun was dreamy. On top of the good weather, the whole bridal party was a joy to photograph. They were fun, easy going, and so lovely! Marc & Nicole opted for a simple wedding, with gorgeous details! The dress, the tuxes, the cake etc.. Needless to say I am SO excited to show you the images ..  So, let's get to it! Here are a few of my favourites :)


Moody November

Well hello there!


Welcome to anyone new, and welcome back to those returning! It has been just over a month since I've been back in Vancouver (after living in Australia for almost a year) and I finally got out to do a shoot. Met up with my friends Tim Nguyen and Genevieve Clements in the West End and had an awesome time. It feels so good to get back into it and with people I really enjoy working with. Big ups to the team for what we managed to accomplish yesterday in the sideways November rain!


I got to to test out the Sigma 30mm 1.4 DC (yes, it's not meant for full frame... but I LOVED the vignetting). It performed fairly well. I haven't had a wide angle in over a year so it was a good challenge! I got so used to my Nikkor 50mm 1.8 that I had to sometimes remind myself that I can get in, up close and personal! Tack sharp at f/2+ and can be very sharp on occasion at 1.4/1.8 just requires patience and a steady hand!


It was a perfect day for light... in my opinion, overcast is king unless it's golden/blue hour! Something important to note also is that I shoot underexposed on purpose. Developed a love for that after seeing all the before and afters on Ben Sasso's Blog (www.bensasso.com). Editing an underexposed image just gives you so much more room to play! I am normally a very 'airy' shooter and love clean, simple, elegant images. However, I really had an aching to do something a bit moodier. So, without further a-do, please enjoy the gallery below and comment or like the images! I love feedback so don't be shy!