AARO - Artist Portrait

Featured on the blog today is my other half Aaron Drew, who is better known as AARO. He's a talented artist/musician/producer, and most importantly, my partner in crime. Last night I experimented with my newly acquired speedlight setup (light stand, speedlight bracket, and 3-in-1 umbrella) and I managed to forget just how tricky it would be to nail the focus when it's late at night! This was one of those times I wish speedlights had a 'modelling light' option. Oh, how I miss the expensive studio and on-location lighting equipment we had access to at Langara... Anyways, we made it work with the flashlight apps on our phones. Phewf! After blinding my poor man for roughly an hour, we managed to get enough variety to head back inside where we were less likely to be eaten alive by 'mozies'. I am really happy with the final results!. The light given off from using the shoot through side of the umbrella gives off a soft, yet well sculpted feel. They give him a strong presence in the images, which is great for the website and to stand out on Instagram. For equipment  I shot with my D610 and stuck with my 50mm 1.8 throughout the whole shoot. I wanted a shallow depth of field as well as the ability to keep a bit of the surrounding scene in the frame. Nifty fifty always slays. 

Make sure to check AARO out on www.itsaaro.com, www.soundcloud.com/itsaaro, and follow him on Instagram: @itsaaro 

Also, stay tuned for another one of these shoots coming up in a week or so during 'The Golden Hour'.